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Phil Lindsay

With our textile business diminished, it was our handcraft customers who kept calling keeping us in business. Thanks to the Internet, our little business turned the corner and we’re growing along with the hundreds of boutique textile or home or farm based operations around the country. The excitement and potential we see from our customers is leading us to believe we’re in the early stages of a wool renaissance here in the United States.

The Boston operation has long been a home-based enterprise working under the radar with only a back office function. However in 2014 we leased some space in the old Draper Felt Mill in Canton, Massachusetts. Just minutes from Boston and next to an operating textile mill it felt like the right place for R.H. Lindsay to relaunch it’s outreach into the New England sheep and craft market. Any grower wanting to sell wool is invited to set up an appointment. Any artisan or crafter in the area or visiting is encouraged to do the same. This year we’ve tripled our space and brought in more wool to fill it. We will continue to add more products to our line and as we continue to grow we hope to bring more options for everyone to select from when addressing their artistic or business needs. Please do let us know what you’re looking for at anytime. While we might not be able to supply that rare ancient breed fleece, we cover the gamut of wool grown from ancient Churro to Merino. So check us out!

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