How the AFMN Radio Broadcast works…

The stated goal of the AFMN Radio Broadcast is,

“Providing the tools, resources, education, and connections that we the people need to let freedom ring!”

The AFMN Radio Broadcast Team

Terri Stramba, of Stramba Farms and Fiber Mill, has graciously donated her time to be the host of these episodes and interview the presenters via zoom sessions that she records. These sessions are then passed on to another great volunteer, Tom Goehring of Ranch of the Oaks, who is doing all of our editing and YouTube Channel uploading. JC Christensen, of The Master Crafted, has also volunteered to handle all of the scheduling and curating of content to go on the broadcast, as well as brand, promote, and be the liaison with the board of directors. We’re thankful for these guys donating their time to give us access to these broadcasts.

Engaging the AFMN Radio Broadcast

The following three slides will help you to leverage the most of this new content that is being presented by the Artisan Fiber Mill Network. These three simple steps will spell out when, where, and how. Be sure to follow the links and take the appropriate action required.

Step #1 Action Steps

  • If you’re a fiber mill owner/operator make sure you’re a member of our Facebook Group called “Fiber Mill Owners/Operators“.
  • Be sure to click on the events tab in that private group to see the episodes that are coming up.
  • After clicking on the event that you’re interested in attending, be sure to mark “Going” or “Maybe” to receive notifications about that event.
  • Our host Terri Stramba will go live on that event page on Friday at 4pm, to engage with all of you and find out specific questions you might have for the presenter she will interview the following week.
  • You don’t have to be available at that specific “live” time as the video will remain as a post in that event page that you can leave comments to over the weekend.

Step #2 Actions Steps

  • Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on the bell to receive notifications of new video uploads as soon as they come available.
  • Watch the episode when it goes live (Saturdays at 9am EST) and give your like/dislike and questions/comments below the video in the comment section.
  • In the future, these videos will go private and will only be available by a unique private password. You will receive this unique private password when you become a member of the AFMN.

Step #3 Action Steps:

  • On Sunday after the episode has been uploaded we will post an announcement in which we can have an engagement about the content.
  • This option will continue to be the platform we use for engagement until we switch to the “members only” platform on this website.
  • Again, this will require a paid membership which in the near future will be able to be done on the member tab.
Questions about AFMN Radio Broadcast?
Click here to send us an email.

Thanks for taking the five minutes to read through this blog post. We hope it’s been helpful. Share this post with your milling friends. Let us know in the comments if there is something we missed or any questions you might have, or shoot us an email. We’re here to help.

Interested in Membership?

You can fill out a membership profile here. These profiles will then be sent to the board for review. Upon approval your dues will be collected via PayPal or mailed in check.

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